who we are

Our rural history is not far away, but our roots are deeply tied to the land in which we live and work.

In 2013 Christian and his wife Annarita they decide to buy the old farmhouse, where for years Anna, he likes to be so called, had lived with his family. A long time before in the same house he had lived the grandfather of Christian...what a strange coincidence!

The spaces available in the building, surrounded by about an acre of land, would have allowed them to Christian and Anna to make small apartments that would have been able to rent as a form of family income supplement.

The two launch into the adventure and begin the important work of restructuring.

With the advance of the work of Christian realizes the potential of what was afoot...and “simple” apartments for rent seem a little bit short, if you are not placed in a context, inside of a story...

A few years after the Town of Tuoro sul Trasimeno offers call for rent several acres of the agricultural land immediately above the house, and from there it is a short step...

Christian thinks a small farm in which combine the production of olive oil, vegetables, jams and honey, with the receptivity and the petting zoo.

In 2016, the Christian, with colleagues and friends Francesca and Emifounded the agricultural society Agri Hyla building a project that receives a significant financing from the Rural Development plan.

You may wonder what it means to Agri Hyla.

Well, Agri is easily understandable, Hyla a bit less...

Hyla is the Latin name for a small amphibian, the frog! And what does the frog with agriculture?

This is another story, if you want to read it everything will be a little more clear.

Christian, Francesca and Emi are all three of graduates in Natural Sciences, and share with Silviaanother naturalist, the Naturalistic Study Hyla, a company founded in 2008 that focuses on consulting in the environmental field.

The idea of a Christian is to combine the different activities and manage them inside a sort of network.

Thus was born Hyla Grouptoday , formed by the study, by an association that takes care of environmental tourism and Agri Hyla.

Today, the company Agri Hyla produces in small quantities oil, vegetables, jams and honeyhas a petting zoo where throughout the year, there are a activities for schools and families and manages theFarm The accepted it has three independent apartments with all the services.

A short presentation.

Francesca segue direttamente l’agriturismo e la produzione aziendale. Giancarlo e Giuseppe, cognati di Anna e Cristiano, nonché zii di Mattia, sono i tutto fare. Sono loro che si occupano di gran parte dei lavori in azienda e per voi ospiti saranno un punto di riferimento per tutte le vostre esigenze. 

Cristiano e sua moglie Anna, maestra di inglese di scuola elementare, con l’aiuto di Mattia collaborano con Francesca alla gestione dell’agriturismo.

Emi coordina i rapporti con le scuole e pianifica le visite in azienda. Insieme ad Azzurra e Laura manages various educational activities throughout the year.

If you are curious, we invite you to visit our site, but above all come to visit the company.