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all trip!

A group of friends, a sunny day, the children playing with animals, the peace and quiet of the countryside! Plan your trip at our farm, please contact us for more information and to book your activities.

farm visit

Do you want to spend some time together at our factor in taking care of the animals? You'll get a close rabbits, chickens, geese, pigeons, donkeys, goats... Contact us to book your visit!

walk, walk...I find agricultural ecosystems and a healthy diet

Walking will be the best method to discover the agricultural landscape in the vicinity of the school, and study the elements to understand what methods of agricultural production are used, and to assess the impact that these have on the biodiversity, but also to learn about the range of services they can provide in the field of agriculture.

the old orchard

A path to understanding through the creation of a teaching garden how to talk about biodiversity means having to recover the diversity that was present in the gardens, grandfathers, and recover the ancient seeds before they go lost, and a slice of biodiversity irretrievably lost.